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TORNADO 10 Vibration 5 Rotation Better Wrapping Male Masturbation

TORNADO 10 Vibration 5 Rotation Better Wrapping Male Masturbation

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  • Top 1 selling masturbation cup a new chance to optimize your sexual sensation.
  • Kneadable bare sleeve assures that every man gets the ideal angle and pressure to please themself.
  • Moretighter 2.99 length sleeve with 106 dense stimulus inside provides better wrapping and stimulations.
  • 5 rotation modes along with 10 vibrations create on-demand sensation combos.
  • More apparent metal buttons with indicating bar for easier operation.


TORNADO hailed by AcmeJoy as the best oral sex cup has been a best seller for two months! The advanced and extended sleeve was designed to realistically mimic oral sex by comfortably wrapping your entire head and shaft. The stretchable and elastic sleeve allows you to squeeze or twist until finding the stimulation that works best for you! Additionally 106 stimulus inside offers a unique surreal sensation as your dick passes through. To enhance masturbation and elevate intimate experiences TORNADO upgrades with 10 new vibration modes and 5-speed rotation which creates more combinations to please you than the old version. A breathtaking orgasm can't be missed!
The base is equipped with a handle that is easier to hold and use expanding your brother's reach. And the detachable design between the handle and the liner is for easy cleaning. After rinsing and wiping it is recommended to store in the box to keep the product clean and your health.


Size: 2.17*2.75*9.45

Insertable length: 2.99

Weight: 0.9lb

Material: ABS+silicone

Package included:

1 x masturbation cup

1 x manual

1 x charging cable

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