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Telescoping Rotating 8 Modes Vision Window Masturbation Cup

Telescoping Rotating 8 Modes Vision Window Masturbation Cup

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  • Comes with a visual windowsatisfy your prying liking.
  • 8 telescopic and rotating modes slowly increase the intensity and train your dick.
  • The inner sleeve is detachable a hygienic way of masturbation.
  • Made of TPE safe and soft.
  • Charging via USB convenient forcarry when traveling.


          It is really exciting to watch your dick grow bigger and thicker in a well-designed transparent zone. With 8 modes of telescoping and rotating it will work hard to give you the stimulation and satisfy your hungry cock. The unique design of the interior of the channel escalates the level of stimulation. Don't suppress yourself just enjoy it! Try slowly increase the intensity to train your rooster and you're sure to get stronger and become more attractive. To start your pleasurable time simply long press the power button and a short press will pause. The keys with a +and -symbol are for upshifting and downshifting respectively. It is worth noting that the inner sleeve can be removed so you can rinse it out with water after a game in a hygienic way. Made of TPE it is non-toxic odorless safe and soft perfect for protecting your rooster from injury. Charging via USB it lasts about 1 to 2 hours when fully charged don't forget to take it with you when planning a short trip. Please note that don't turn it on while charging.


          Weight: 1.8lb

          Package included:

          1*masturbation cup
          1*charging cable

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