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Customizable Milking Sucking 10 Vibration Masturbation Cup

Customizable Milking Sucking 10 Vibration Masturbation Cup

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Adjustable milking and sucking finding the most suitable way to enjoy yourself.

Mouth-like entrance and soft tunnel covered with abundant bumps wrap and stimulate your cock wantonly.

10 powerful modes of vibration make the intercourse into a new level.

With earphones on the moaning let's you immer in the real scene with a hot girl.

Detachable inner is easy for cleaning.

Rechargeable for continuable using.


The entrance is like a hot girl's mouth with her little wet tongue luring you to penetrate in. The soft tunnel made of TPE will wrap your cock tightly and gently then arouse your every sensitive point with massive ribs and bumps. At the same time you can adjust the different degree of milking and sucking exploring the best way to please yourself. Besides 10 powerful modes of vibration are waiting for you to choose and the lovely tongue will thrill to lick your shaft of your erect cock! That is really exciting to reach the peak of sex. Put on your earphones and let your imagination run wildly fancying that a sexy girl moans and screams in a whisper with your each thrust in and out. How cool it is! Do not miss this toy. It will enhance your intercourse into a new level through its multiple functions!


Weight: 1.84lb

Size: 12.59*4.72*3.7

Package included:

1*masturbation cup

1*charging cable

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