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Colossus 10 Vibrating Thrusts Remote P-spot Anal Massager

Colossus 10 Vibrating Thrusts Remote P-spot Anal Massager

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Big and bulbous at the head feel satisfied from the beginning.

Cycle through 10 thrusting & vibration modes to find the perfect match.

A specially ribbed neck aims to create extra stimulation towards your wall.

Remote controllable convenient and couple-friendly.

Made from body-safe silicone it's seamless and waterproof.


Lube up the plug and turn it on to the lowest setting. Now slowly push it past your tight ring of muscle until it was nestled inside your tightness.

The bulbous head slowly fills your inside and quickly finds your weakness. It's so gratifying you clench and moan almost at once. You want more so you use the remote to heighten the telescoping mode and at the same time bump the vibrating speed from one to ten. Pleasure just coursed through you pumping in and out with every potent but comfy thrust almost fuzzing up your mind. You begin to oscillate the massager over and over deeper and deeper. Orgasm approached like a freight train.

You pull this colossus out from behind after the good time suddenly you get a taste of the void. It's the first time you feel that you are so insatiable.


Size: 5.7*3.3''

Max dia.: 1.45''

Weight: 0.3lb

Material: silicone + ABS

Charging time: 90mins

Service time: 45mins

Package included:

1*anal massager

1*remote controller

1*USB cable

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