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Baldwin 5-1 Automatic 4 Rotating 3 Thrusting Male Masturbator

Baldwin 5-1 Automatic 4 Rotating 3 Thrusting Male Masturbator

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The transparent visual window can see all the movements of the penis in the 4 mixed modes thoroughly exploring the mystery of oral sex.

3 thrusting + 4 rotations with different modes the super thrust even surpasses the real feeling of deep throat.

Turn on one-touch storm mode which clamps like a storm whirlpool and spins 360 on your brother.

Magnetic dust covers easier to disassemble just clean with running water after use.

Soft and realistic inner wall TPE material the inner wall is filled with many massage particles creating a realistic fleshy tunnel.

Baldwinis a fully automatic multi-purpose masturbator cup and having one is totally enough.


Welcome to Baxter's spaceship! All-round high-quality masturbation cup to satisfy any fantasy of your sex.

Please close the door get ready for foreplay put a few drops of lubricating oil on the outer cup 3 kinds of long-distance telescopic and 4 kinds of fancy rotation functions let your brother explore the mystery inside the womb without restriction arouse your desire to conquer. Your body wants more now you can switch to 3 unique modes of rotation and thrust mixing powerful throughput and a new experience of forward and reverse rotation let your brother exercise 360¡ã in the whirlpool soft dense channels full of bumps and spirals keep the pleasure going. certainly! Press my STORM MODE to absolutely shock you because Baldwin will let you constantly innovate your limit records and prove everything with the hardness and time of brothers!

The voices of the two languages brought the temptation to come to the scene in person and once again immersed in the spiral storm.


Size: 3.6*3.7*12.7in

Insertable length: 3.9in

Material: ABS+TPE

Weight: 3.6lb

Package included:

1*masturbation cup

1*charging cable



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