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ACMEJOY 7 Auto-Thrusting Dashing Button Real-Feel Stroker Masturbation Cup

ACMEJOY 7 Auto-Thrusting Dashing Button Real-Feel Stroker Masturbation Cup

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  • 7 telescoping and vibration patterns continually stroke your cock into a gratifying sensational climax.
  • Outfitted with a one-click-rapid-thrust button that can offer you a maximum mind-blowing experience.
  • The well-textured sleeve is fleshy and pliable greatly increasing the sense of comfort and reality.
  • The tight inner sleeve and the lightweight body can firmly wrap your dick hands free.
  • Removable insert ensuresthroughout cleansing.


No need to thrust milk or stroke your schlong anymore! Save your energy for out-the-world stimulation brought by this luxury masturbation cup! With no messy power cords to get in the way of the fun this hands-free masturbation cup thrusts in 7 different patterns to deliver thrilling pleasures. The powerful shaft moves in a piston-action sets the well-textured inner sleeve to give you an unprecedented experience again and again. When you're about to cum just click the third button to let its dash mode thrust you to heaven! The removable sleeve can be turned inside-out for throughout cleaning. Blow your seeds boldly without worrying about smudge problems!


Weight: 2.2lb

Size: 10 x 3.5 x 3''

Insertable length: 5.9''

Sleeve girth: 1.9''

Package included:

1 x masturbation cup

1 x earphones

1 x charging cable

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