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2 in 1 4-Pattern Vacuum Sucking Penis Enhancer Masturbatable Penis Pump

2 in 1 4-Pattern Vacuum Sucking Penis Enhancer Masturbatable Penis Pump

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  • 2 in 1 masturbate-able penis pumpimproving erectile hardness and staminasimply in wank-time.
  • 4 customizable vacuum sucking patterns can make copious positive differences in your sex life.
  • Living entry and chubby sleeve provide added pleasure and comfort.
  • The 3rdbutton is designed to release the pressure immediately for avoiding unwanted compression.
  • Transparent cylinder with measuring gauge for tracking your progress.


No more facing the situation that you're blowingbut the porn's not over yet. Come on now build real better and lasting erections with 4-pattern vacuum sucking of this penis pump! Gentle yet effective it can enhance your erections gradually by slowly boosting the blood flow of your penis. This approach is recognized in the medical community. Thoughtfully designed a button to release pressure to ensure that you don't over-pump. Also the extra-thick inner liner tightly wraps your cock for training and enhancing it in a delightful way. Use it two or three times a week and you'll soon see real improvements. In most cases it takes about 2monthsof use to generate significant gains. WithAcmeJoy's90-day return policy you've gotplenty of time to observe its exact performance.Leave doubts behind it's time to sharpen your tool improve erection quality and build confidence!


Size: 14 x 2.9''

Weight: 1.43lb

Material: ABS+TPE

Package included:

1 x penis pump

1 x inner sleeve

1 x sealing circle

1 x charging cable

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